ASP.NET unit testing


Installation Guide

Step-by-step installation instructions.

Quick-Start Guide

If you're already familiar with unit testing, our quick-start guide may be all you need to get started.


If you're new to unit testing or want a detailed description of how to use NUnitAsp, read our tutorial. It contains a step-by-step description of how the sample application was created and tested.

NUnitAsp 2.0 Migration Guide

If you've been using prior versions of NUnitAsp, this may be helpful.

API Documentation

The definitive NUnitAsp reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that come up frequently are answered here. If you haven't read the quick start guide or tutorial, start there first.

Advanced NUnitAsp Video

A video covering advanced topics.

External resources:

TheServerSide.Net Tutorial

Justin Gehtland published a great NUnitAsp tutorial on TheServerSide.Net. Check it out if you're looking for another tutorial.

Darrel Norton's Tips for NUnitAsp Testing

Darrel Norton published some NUnitAsp tips in his blog. These are spot on, and we even implemented #6 for you in version 1.5!