ASP.NET unit testing

Installation Guide

Installing NUnitAsp requires only a few steps:

  1. Download and unzip NUnitAsp.
    1. You've probably already done this step, but if not, read on.
    2. NUnitAsp may be downloaded from the NUnitAsp home page,
    3. Unzip the NUnitAsp package into a directory of your choice, such as "C:\Program Files\NUnitAsp"
  2. Install NUnit.
    1. You can use any testing tool, but NUnit is the most common.
    2. NUnit may be downloaded from
  3. Reference NUnitAsp in your test projects.
    1. Copy bin\NUnitAdapter.cs into your test project. (This file isn't required, but it makes working with NUnit easier.)
    2. Add bin\nunitasp.dll as a reference.
    3. See the Quick-Start Guide and Tutorial for more information.

Last updated for v2.0.