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Public Instance Constructors

WebFormTesterOverloaded. Initializes a new instance of the WebFormTester class.

Public Instance Properties

AspId The ASP.NET ID of the form being tested. It corresponds to the ID in the ASP.NET source code.
Description A human-readable description of the location of the control.
HtmlId The HTML ID of the form being tested. It corresponds to the ID of the HTML tag rendered by the server. It's useful for looking at raw HTML while debugging.
HtmlIdAndDescription A human-readable description of the location of the control being tested. This property describes the location of the control as well as providing the HTML ID of the control, if present.
Variables The HTML form variables in this form.
Visible (inherited from Tester) Returns true if the control is visible on the current page.

Public Instance Methods

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GetType (inherited from Object)
IsPostBack Checks a string to see if it contains a post-back script. Typically you should just use OptionalPostBack instead.
OptionalPostBack Like PostBack, except that it does nothing if candidatePostBackScript doesn't contain a post-back script.
PostBackOverloaded. Emulates ASP.NET's post-back script. To simply submit the form, use Submit instead. If you have access to the JavaScript call string, use OptionalPostBack or the other form of PostBack.
Submit Submit this form to the server.
ToString (inherited from Tester) Provides a friendly message reminding users not to put testers in assertions.

Protected Instance Properties

Tag The HTML tag this tester corresponds to.

Protected Instance Methods

AssertVisible (inherited from Tester) Experimental. May change or go away in future revisions. Allows testers to assert that their control should be visible before some operations. Using this method provides clearer error messages to users of the tester.
Finalize (inherited from Object)
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Protected Internal Instance Properties

Action The "action" attribute of this form; will be an empty string if there isn't one.
Browser The browser instance used to load the page containing the thing being tested.
Form The tester for the form containing the thing being tested.
Method The "method" attribute of this form.

Protected Internal Instance Methods

GetChildElementHtmlId Returns the HTML ID of a child control. Useful when implementing testers for container controls that do HTML ID mangling. This method is very likely to change in a future release.

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