NUnit.Extensions.Asp Namespace


ControlDisabledException Exception: The test is trying to perform a UI operation on a disabled control. Enable the control in your production code or don't change it in the test.
ControlTester Base class for all tag-based controls. Most people should extend AspControlTester or HtmlControlTester. The API for this class will change in future releases.
DoctypeDtdException Problems with the DOCTYPE DTD; probably that it was incorrect. Correct it.
FormVariables A collection of HTML form variables. These form variables are sent to the server when you submit or postback a form. They consist of a name/value pair and are not required to be unique. You may include duplicate names or even duplicate name/value pairs in this collection. When writing custom testers, ReplaceAll and RemoveAll are typically the most appropriate methods to use.

An HTML tag. This class performs some of the magic that allows NUnitAsp to construct testers before pages are loaded and to have testers change as the current page changes.

When using the methods on this class, check the API documentation before caching the results. The API of this class may change in future releases.

HttpClient A web client, capable of communicating with a web server.
HttpClient.AspServerException Exception: The requested URL caused an unhandled exception on the ASP.NET server. Fix the production code so it doesn't throw the exception.
HttpClient.BadStatusException Exception: The server returned an unexpected status code. Determine what's wrong with the server.
HttpClient.NoPageException Exception: A request has been made that requires a page to have been loaded, but no page has been loaded yet. Call GetPage() before calling the method that threw this exception.
HttpClient.NotFoundException Exception: The requested URL was not found. Correct the URL or determine what's wrong with the server.
HttpClient.RedirectLoopException Exception: Too many HTTP redirects were detected. Check for infinite redirection loop.
ParseException Exception: The tester has a bug: it was looking for some HTML and didn't find it. Report this exception to the author of the tester.

Base class for all NUnitAsp testers. To create your own tester classes, you should usually extend AspControlTester or HtmlControlTester instead.

Not intended for third-party use. The API for this class will change in future releases. Currently, this class assumes that every tester corresponds to exactly one tag in the web page. That may change in the future.

WebAssert Assertions specific to NUnitAsp's web testers.
WebAssertionException An assumption was violated, either in your tests or in NUnitAsp itself. When you get this exception, look at the exception message for more information.
WebForm Obsolete; use WebFormTester instead.

A tester for an ASP.NET form. Most of the methods in this class aren't meant to be called by third parties.

The API for this class will change in future releases.


DataType The data type of a column (use with AssertSortOrder)