RepeaterTester Constructor (String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Tester)

Create a tester for a nested control. Use this constructor when the control you are testing is nested within another control, such as a DataGrid or UserControl. You should also use this constructor when you're not using the Default HttpClient. NOTE: This constructor assumes that the repeater being tested ONLY has ItemTemplates. If it has a SeparatorTemplate or any other template, use a different constructor.

public RepeaterTester(
   string aspId,
   bool hasHeaderTemplate,
   bool hasSeparatorTemplate,
   bool hasFooterTemplateContainingServerControl,
   Tester container


The ID of the control to test (look in the page's ASP.NET source code for the ID).
"True" if the repeater being tested has a HeaderTemplate.
"True" if the repeater being tested has a SeparatorTemplate.
Read carefully! Set this parameter to "True" only if the repeater has a FooterTemplate and the FooterTemplate contains a server control--that is, a tag with the 'runat="server"' attribute. If you do not, your tests may fail.
A tester for the control's container. (In the page's ASP.NET source code, look for the tag that the control is nested in. That's probably the control's container.)

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